BURLINGTON, WA—The Port of Skagit recently underwent its required annual audit by the State of Washington, with no findings reported.

The annual audit conducted by the State Auditor’s Office, which normally takes several weeks to complete on site, was done almost entirely virtually this year due to COVID restrictions. This annual procedure includes two sections of review: an accountability audit to review all business matters from 2019 to ensure the Port is safeguarding public resources and assets; and a financial statement audit to ensure that finances are prepared using appropriate general accounting principles. There were no findings in either of the two sections of the annual audit for the Port of Skagit, essentially a “clean bill of health”.

2019 was a busy year for the Port of Skagit, including a variety of economic development projects, work on the countywide fiber optic infrastructure, the addition of US Customs & Border Protection services and managing operations and growth at the Port’s four properties: Skagit Regional Airport, Bayview Business Park, La Conner Marina and SWIFT Center.